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Greenway's Service Company encourages you to attend the church of your choice this week and asks you to pray for the people named below. If you or a friend or family member are in need of prayer, let us add them to this prayer list. There are many people hurting that are not on this list. God knows who they are and we ask that His mercy and grace touch them today and that they will seek healing in the name of Jesus. 

Father God, we lift up these names to you and ask that you comfort them and give them the strength to walk in the pathway to complete healing in Jesus' name. We ask that their burdens be lifted and that your presence will surround them and they will know you are with them each moment. Give strength to those that are fighting the battle with cancer.  Surround them and their families with support for every aspect of their lives, Father.  Bring them close together and allow them to have joy beyond their imagination, and faith that they can and will win the battle. Lord, cancer is just a word.  Father, you are the great healer and it is only through your son Jesus that we have a promise of eternal life. 

Lord, we pray for those that have lost loved ones and ask that you lift them up and give them strength to let go, knowing that their loved ones are with you and that they are experiencing unspeakable joy in Your presence.  Help them to grieve as we all must do when we suffer such a loss, but show them that there is life ahead that is worth living and that they will see their loved ones again if they call upon the name of Jesus as their savior.  

Father, we pray for those who are suffering with mental illness and for those with addictions. Guide them to a place of help and help us to be understanding of their needs.  Bring them out of the darkness to a place of love and healing; a place of peace and safety.  

We pray that the United States will again be united as "one nation under God," and that we will see a healing take place among the people and we will love and support each other as you commanded.  We ask your continued blessings on our nation and her people.  Thank you for our veterans who willingly serve to protect our freedom. Bless them and their families who give up so much for others. 

Lord you know the needs of each person on this list and we thank you for listening to our prayers on their behalf and we pray that they will be able to put the hurt and stress behind them and look to you for the answers that they seek. Thank you Lord for the blessings of our daily lives, for answering our prayers and for your mercy and grace. In Jesus' name we pray. 

  • Brecklynn Allgood
  • Pastor David Bost
  • Jerry Brady
  • Chad
  • C J Elliott Family
  • Gregory Page Family
  • Private Request
  • Relationships
  • Ed Wynn
  • All military personnel

If you would like to add someone to this prayer list, we will be happy to do so and we just ask you to keep us updated on the person you want to add. We do not take prayer lightly and welcome others to pray with us.

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