Greenway's Service Company - Gas Appliance Repair and Installation
Gas Odors are not normal - If you smell gas, act promptly, the life you save may be your own! Leave the residence immediately and do not operate any switches or turn on or off any appliances.  Contact your gas supplier. They are the first call you should make from a location outside the home.  They will send someone out right away to check for a leak and make the area safe. If you don't know who to call, contact 911.

If repairs are needed, contact us and we will respond during regular business hours.


Greenway's Service Company uses state of the art equipment like SENSIT® Gold for locating natural and propane gas leaks and making repairs.  We can also perform safety checks for carbon monoxide inside the home and around gas appliances.

We will also evaluate your gas piping and equipment for safety and to insure that it is up to code.

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